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Friday, December 19, 2008

Last-Minute Christmas Gift Idea - Easy, Cheap, Great gift.

Magazines to readImage by Longzero via FlickrIt's getting close to that time of year when people will be scrounging for gifts at the last minute, I know, I do it too. One idea I often overlook is magazine subscriptions.

Reasons that magazine subscriptions make great gifts, especially if you already subscribe to the magazine:

  1. Like-minded people tend to enjoy the same type of magazines.
  2. If it is a subscription that you have now, chances are there will be 2-for-1 gift offers for renewing your subscription, so you can probably call that a $2-5 gift.
  3. Also, if it's something you subscribe to you can just grab one of your back issues from the end table, throw a ribbon around it and call it good! You can even send in the subscription card AFTER Christmas if you do that.
  4. They last for a whole year, sometimes two, so that's a good value.
  5. Generally speaking, people can LEARN from magazines, which is more than can be said about most other Christmas presents.
Happy shopping! Merry Christmas from Mini Life Hacks!

If you have a great last-minute gift idea, leave a comment!
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