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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Optimize your Night's Sleep - Set an Alarm

The Hallicrafters AM Alarm ClockImage by Whiskeygonebad via FlickrThis is kind of obvious, but there are a couple important elements I'd like to note when using the dreaded alarm clock.
Anyone can take a reservation. Take take take... It's keeping the reservation... - Seinfeld
The most important thing to do when waking up to an alarm clock is getting up when it goes off and not hitting snooze, not once. (Also see "Wake up on the right side of the bed") A good way to do this, I've found, is by putting the alarm clock on the opposite side of the room, so that you must get out of bed to shut it off. Once you have stood up and shut off the alarm get you bearings, breathe deeply, and get started picking out clothes or whatever it is that you do first thing in the morning. It's good to have this first daily task be consistent so that you know exactly what you should be doing as soon as you shut off your alarm.

To Summarize:
  1. Shut off the alarm clock on the opposite side of the room
  2. Consider your day ahead (See Planning for the next Day)
  3. Take a deep breath and get your balance and bearings.
  4. Begin your consistent daily task.
Once you have adjusted your body to a regular pattern an alarm clock may not be necessary. But it is important in order to get adjusted.
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