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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Best Paper Towel in the Universe. Hands Down.

Viva paper towels are, by far, one of the best products I have ever used. And no, they're not paying me to say that.

I don't generally do product reviews, but I've just got to say something here.. These paper towels (and I use the word paper cautiously - it's more like magic material) are the most amazing things I've seen. They take a beating a keep on keepin' on. You can literally scrub the carpet with these, rinse them out, ring them dry and use them again.

My wife and I buy the small ones (pick-a-size) and really, one is all ya need... They do cost a bit more than most paper towels, but honestly, it's a whole different animal. These suckers will blow you away. I found a good deal on Amazon (who knew, they build lunar landers and sell paper towels...) for just a little over a dollar per roll. I'm sure your local bulk store has a decent deal too.

I seriously recommend that you check these out.

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