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Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Frying Pan Tilts off the Burner When I Try to Cook..

I was just frying up a pound of chicken for dinner and getting rather annoyed that whenever I cook the frying pan tilts off of the burner because the handle is too heavy...

It's important that the bottom of the pan and the burner be in direct contact if you want to effectively use your electricity, as well as get an even heat in the pan. Air is a great insulator and you will lose a lot of heat if they are not in contact.

In the past I've tried to find a salt shaker or spice container of the perfect height to wedge under the handle and keep it flat, but that's annoying.. Today I got wicked smart and just moved the chicken to the far side of the pan! The weight of the chicken keeps it flat and I don't have to deal with balancing the pan on the salt. Works great, but you might have to offset the pan so that the chicken pile is centered on the burner in order to get it cooked evenly.


  1. I guess it's time to get a new frying pan. The function of the bottom of the pan is to distribute the heat evenly over the cooking surface, and therefore the pan should have a heavy bottom, which should keep the pan from tilting even without the weight of the food.

  2. You'd think, right? I've got a great set of Calphalon pans and they all do the same thing.
    Maybe I just need to start cooking heavier foods...


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