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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Avoid Over-Eating: 8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Cravings Hit

Chinese New Year candy trayImage by hale_popoki via Flickr

Try asking yourself some of these questions next time you get those cravings for sweets or fatty foods. Asking questions of yourself in general, is a good way to ensure you're actually conscious of what you're doing, and not acting on impulse.

Will it be more wasteful for me to drop this into the trash, or to store it in the fat cells in my body and then have to use my own energy to burn them up?

2. How does my stomach feel right now? Is it full?

3. If I could extract only the fat/calories in this food and put it in a cup, would I want to slurp it down?

4. Am I craving this because I actually want it, or because it is a physiological attraction of my senses to it? (A physiological desire would be a natural occurrence of which only the senses are in control, whereas an actual wanting is consciously controlled by rational thoughts in the brain. The rational thinking of the brain, despite popular belief, does have the power to trump the senses.)

5. How important is it that I eat this food? How important is it that I do not?

6. How different would my life be if I ate this junk food everyday, compared to if I did not eat this junk food at all?

7. Do my senses really have more control over my actions than my brain does?

8. How will I benefit from eating this, or will I?

Leave a comment and add to the list.
What do you ask yourself when cravings hit? What helps you? What hurts you?

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  1. Hello,
    Interesting blog.
    Actually it remind me the truth 'little thing we do'

  2. ive been searching EVERYWHERE for tactics to control my binge eating and this has been by far the MOST successful! THANKYOU!!!
    you are and angel

  3. Awesome. I hope it's helpful for you. Thanks for the comment.


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