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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


After a few months of writing this blog, and some pretty good success and encouragement from reviewers, comments and other bloggers, I've decided to up the stakes and go for the domain name:

That seems to be the popular thing to do and I can see why. I'll be using WordPress from now on, and I'm extremely impressed with the system so far. I was able to import all of the existing articles from Blogger over to my new domain so all of the archived articles will be available for you.

If you are subscribed to MiniLifeHacks in a reader or by email you should not have to change anything. You will automatically be transferred over to the new domain.

Update your Bookmarks!
If you prefer to access the site to read the blog then you will need to update your bookmarks or favorites with the new web address:

New Stuff!
Not only do we have a new domain, we've got:
  • A new look - Enjoy easier reading, commenting, browsing etc. with our new layout.
  • Better search function - find the articles you're looking for with a search bar in the top right of the site.
  • Widgets - That's right, we'll be offering an array of nifty widgets to add to your homepage or blog. So check them out!
  • Closer contact - There is now a contact page where you can contact me directly without having to leave a comment. I like to encourage readers to ask about things they would like to see me post about.
Enough blabbering!! Check it out!!

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  1. Okay... bare with me... I seem to be having some technical difficulties...

    All that stuff I said about wordpress... having some second thoughts..


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