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Friday, September 4, 2009

One Second Meditation Practice. A Moment of Clarity.

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One-hour meditation too much to handle? 20 minutes? 5 minutes got you beat? Here's a new approach to meditation with one very westernized quality about it. It's very fast.

This method is less focused on meditation, but more about trying to sit peacefully and achieve a brief moment of clarity, or clarity of presence. This way of thinking comes from Zen philosophy. The idea here is to create an instantaneous state of mind, or state of being wherein your awareness or understanding of your immediate surroundings or situation is increased. Try not to exert effort when attempting this. It will inevitably lead to failure and regret. Failure to do something that you didn’t “try” to do, is not really a failure. If you want it to be a sunny day and it turns out rainy, you did not fail. If it rains, it rains; if it’s sunny, it’s sunny.

Hints to help you achieve a moment of clarity:

  1. Focus on your heartbeat until you can feel it pushing the blood throughout all of your arteries.
  2. Create a phrase or sentence that describes what it feels like to be alive.
  3. Look at your hand and try to understand that no matter what happens in this life, all that's sure is that you will have this body.
  4. Picture yourself from a bird's eye view. Visualize whatever you're doing at the moment and zoom out little by little to picture the room, building, trees, street, town, state, country, continent, planet, galaxy, and all of the cosmos.
  5. Imagine you have just been born and are seeing all of the things around you for the first time.
  6. Do not concentrate, just pay attention.
  7. Do something you absolutely love doing. Something that engages your mind and body 100%.
  8. Rise to a challenge that is slightly more than you think you are capable of.
  9. Breathe silently and listen to the other sounds your body may be making.
  10. Focus on your skin until it begins to tingle.
Have a nice day!

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